Children's Ballet classes are the perfect introduction to tiny toes.

Your child can develop natural grace, poise and good posture.

Shining Stars teaches modern dancing too.

Welcome to Shining Stars School of Dance & Performing Arts

We are Shining Stars School of Dance & Performing Arts based in Stockport, Cheshire.  We offer comprehensive dance classes for toddlers, children, teens and adults.  Our aim is develop the full potential of every one of our students, regardless of experience or physical capability.

Most tots love to express themselves through movement and dance. We encourage, develop and enhance this natural learning through specialist children’s dance classes that allow young children to creatively explore the world of music and dance in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Shining Stars Dance School principal, Miss Claire, has been teaching the art of dance for many years and is a fully qualified dance instructor with many accreditation’s to her name.  Claire’s career as a qualified nursery nurse blends her skills and experience perfectly in preschool dance tuition.

In our classes we teach ballet, tap, modern jazz, gymnastic dance, contemporary dance, street/hip hop, musical theatre.

Classes are as follows:

Saturday’s : Ballet, Tap, Modern for children aged 2 yrs 9 months  to 10 years

Wednesday: Gymnastic Dance, Musical Theatre 

Thursday: Contemporary/ballet, Tap/Modern from ages 10 upwards and our ladies class

Pupils are encouraged to wear a uniform dance wear.   Leotards, tap and ballet shoes etc. can be purchased, at competitive prices, from the School.

The School works towards a  show every other year and the children (from 6 years upwards) work towards exams/medals  which take place in the Spring of each year. Although exams and medals are not compulsory they do enhance the  child’s skills in dance technique and self-esteem/confidence.  The  aim of Shining Star’s School of Dance  is that all  pupils enjoy learning to dance and performing.


Shining Stars School of Dance & Performing Arts  is open to all children and all classes operate at Studio 2 Unit 36 Chadkirk Business Park, Romiley on Saturday Mornings from 9.00 am, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 5pm (there is a comfortable waiting area where Cathy provides teas/coffees and snacks).

Shining Stars Team:

Miss Claire (Principal),

Miss Jennifer (Teacher -Ballet and Contemporary Dance Class)

Mrs Gandy (Class Assistant/Administration),

Miss Gemma (Class assistant)

Miss Sophie (Class assistant)

Cathy (Refreshment / class assistant)

About Claire

About Claire

Claire Gandy has been a dancer for over 30 years and has been teaching




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Twinkle Stars 1, 2, 3

Twinkle Stars 1, 2, 3

TWINKLE STARS 1   Saturday:  9 am - 9.40  from 2 yrs 9 months   - 4