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  Shining Stars Dance School

Child Protection Policy –

Policy Statement

Shining Stars School of Dance is committed to creating an environment that enables children and young people to learn and develop in a safe, understanding and encouraging environment.

Shining Stars School of Dance will endeavour to take appropriate actions so that all members of the school are not exposed to possible risk or injury and are committed

to protecting all participants from harm whether it is physical, wellbeing or mental health.

We accept our duty of care by:

  • ensuring that staff and assistants respond appropriately should physical or mental abuse be discovered or disclosed. Any serious incident of abuse will be recorded on an incident report form and we will share information, where necessary, with   Parents/Carers.
  • making sure that all staff and assistants have DBS clearance
  • treating all members of the school and staff equally with respect and dignity.
  • all members will be taught be a qualified teacher and the qualified teacher will  guide and supervise assistants.
  • challenging unacceptable or bullying behaviour.
  • giving enthusiastic and constructive feedback
  • recording any injuries in an accident book.

Shining Stars School of Dance staff and assistants may be required, at times, to assist a child with dressing or visiting the toilet.  This will only be done if the child is unable to do it for themselves.   We may also need to help them adjusting a position to correct them in their dance training.  This will only be done if deemed appropriate and never if a child/member does not wish for it to be done.

Filming of any kind by parents/carers during lessons/show rehearsals/shows is strictly forbidden.  Photographs of their own children may be taken.  However if there are any other children in the photographs it is the responsibility of the photographer to get permission from the children’s parents/carers before posting on social media.

C Gandy   January 2017